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Acupressure Points For Stress + Anxiety Relief

To do this, we recommend starting with the point at the top of your head, and ending with on the feet for a grounding treatment. You can press the point on each side of the body to feel which one is more tender/sensitive. If you notice a difference, spend more time on the tender side. If you’re still feeling unsettled, press into the bottom of your feet, which your thumb or a tennis ball, to anchor that energy.

When locating points, feel for a tender spot or a place when your finger seems to dip slightly. Most acupuncture points are noticeable once you find them! Spend 30 seconds on each point with firm pressure, while taking nice deep breaths into your abdomen.

Location: located on the foot, between the first and second toes, about an inch away from the web of the toes

Actions: THE point to relieve anger, stress, and irritability. Regulates the flow of qi and blood everywhere in the body to release tension and treat pain. An important point to treat menstrual and digestive conditions worsened by stress, as well as headaches and TMJ. The source point of the Liver meridian system, LR-3 nourishes Liver yin and blood and calms the spirit. Detoxifying and cleansing for the liver.

Acupressure Points for Stress + Anxiety - Mirela Lisicar Rohan Acupuncture in Beverly Hills, CA

Location: located between the eyebrows, in the area known as the third eye

Actions: powerfully calms the spirit and takes the edge off emotional restlessness and anxiety. Connects with the pineal gland to promote deep relaxation and treat insomnia; relieves headaches, foggy thinking, and helps clear nasal congestion or a runny nose. A favorite point to include in any acupuncture treatment for emotional well-being.

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